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Edit V. Velényi

Ms. Edit V. Velényi has been a consultant with the Africa Region's Human Development Technical Unit, and formerly with the Health, Nutrition, and Population (HNP) Sector Hub of the World Bank. Her work has focused on various aspects of sustainable health care financing. Prior to her career at the World Bank, she worked for the Governments of the United States (2001-02) and of Hungary (1995-1998), with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, and the Ministry of Defence in Budapest. She has an M.A. with a concentration in International Economics and Law from the School of Advanced International Studies, the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., and a Master's degree from the University of Economics, Budapest, Hungary. Ms. Velényi is now a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York, England. She is a research student at the Centre for Health Economics (CHE); a member of its Health Policy Team; and affiliated with its Health Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG) through her doctoral thesis.

She was co-founder of the Kossuth House Social Club in 1997, and the HungarianAmerica Foundation in 2003 of which he is currently the vice-president.