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Homecoming Forum 2003

Logo and trademark of the Homecoming Forum registered by the HungarianAmerica Foundation, Inc.
The New Generation Hungarian Professionals and Scholars in the United States - How to Utilize their Expertise for Hungary's Benefit

Saturday, March 8, 2003
from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
at the Embassy of Hungary, Washington, D.C.

Under the patronage of Ambassador András Simonyi, the Homecoming Forum is a joint initiative of the Embassy of Hungary and representatives of the "New Generation Hungarian Professionals" of the Washington Metropolitan area. The fact that this Forum has come about shows that Hungary has recognized the importance of keeping these professionals in the intellectual, cultural, and financial circulation of their homeland.

The Homecoming Forum purports to be a launch pad for a more continuous, systematic, and perhaps institutionalized exchange of information between Hungary's public/private sectors and the new generation Hungarian expatriates living in the U.S.

On the one hand, this Forum will boost the traffic of this two-way street of information exchange. On the other hand, it will demonstrate the mutual benefits that Hungary and its expatriates could gain. Hungary may be able to tap more into the underutilized resources and may regain some of the loss generated by the massive brain-drain of its human capital. The expatriates might benefit from improved legal regulations, the creation of institutions, as well as online resource centers and databases that would facilitate their return to Hungary.

The ultimate goal of this Forum is to capitalize on Hungarian and Hungarian-American intellectuals, scientists, businesspersons, and celebrities living in the U.S. This may not strike as novelty, but the generation that we turn to, is the new one. Building on the lessons of the historic emigration, now the time has come to embrace the new generation more consciously and to address the issues that would help their participation in Hungarian-American matters, and thus contribute to the development of Hungary. We believe that this Forum will be the first in a global campaign that will ultimately engage thousands of Hungarians around the world to reconnect them to their roots.


  • To discuss and evaluate the experience of the new generation of Hungarian professionals and students in the US
  • To find ways for Hungary to benefit from their expertise and facilitate their return to Hungary
  • To tap into the talents and resources of young Hungarian-Americans
  • To show the support of the Hungarian Government for the return of Hungarian professionals and students